Your Coach

Meet Coach Mary

Mary Reiss Farias was a successful level 10 competitor for four years, a Division I scholarship athlete at the University of Arizona for four years, has been a coach for 25 years, and a gym owner for over eight years.

Coach Mary is proof that great success can be achieved in a positive gymnastics atmosphere, and that includes at home!

Creator of the “Individual First” philosophy, Coach Mary believes that if parents and coaches concentrate on doing what is best for each individual gymnast, then we will have succeeded in creating a new gymnastics culture, one gymnast at a time.

Coach Mary is the author of the Gym Rats book series about gymnastics, which has expanded into an online curriculum for individual success. Learn more here.

She and her husband, Marc, have created TGC_Online to bring their gym’s sound, progressive gymnastics curriculum to as many people as possible.

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